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Saipa FC Talent Invited for a Football Testing Program

TIFA - November 4, 2018 - 2 comments

TIFA invites Alireza Rezaei, the talented captain of Saipa FC U-15, to visit Holland for a TIFA Testing Program. The scouts of TIFA have analyzed the performance of Alireza for the last year and would like to give him a shot to see his skills at the highest level in Holland, starting on 4 November 2018.

Players' Agency for Youth Players

The program is packed with activities to give Alireza a considerable understanding of Dutch football and its philosophy which is amongst the best in the world. By having top coaches, experts and facilities, Alireza will gain top training and masterclasses to perform at the highest level. During this program, Alireza will eat, sleep and live like a professional footballer for one week and understand the meaning of discipline, while having fun as well.

At the end of the program, Alireza will receive a certificate of participation and in three weeks an individual performance report and follow-up program based on your level and improvements. TIFA will follow and film his progress every day.

Alireza Rezaei Football Talent

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  1. Grigor Hseli

    I am the wife and the boys 16.10.2 years old. We have been living in Finland for 6 years. We are Iranians and live as refugees in Finland.
    Two of my 16 and 10 year olds, Davood and Stefan are playing football professionally. They play in the IFK team. And despite that, it’s been a very short time for the team. Both of them are fix players. David plays in the left attack, and a striker is strong and Stefan is in the middle. It brings the ball well to other players. I’m sure you’ll be surprised to play both of them. Unfortunately, football in Finland is not superior to sport. Thank you, if you are friendly and help them to test your team.
    Thank you very much. Gregor Haseli

    • TIFA

      Dear Mr. Haseli,

      Thanks for your interest. Both of your boys seem to have an interesting football profile. Thus, we would be happy to help.

      Basically what we can offer is the TIFA Testing program, this is an 8-days program to gain a clear view of the current level of the player according to European standard. After the 8 days, we will evaluate the improvement and current level of the player in order to decide whether the player needs a development program or whether the level is sufficient to go on immediate try-outs at a European club.

      We send you an email with more information.


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