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Football School

Football School


01. Football School

Individual Attention

At our football school in Rotterdam, we focus on the individual development of each player by providing a sports science service, in the search for the ultimate competitive edge, which means that the assessment of players’ technical ability is a major part of our program. 


  • Every player's program starts with a total performance test, including a technical and agility analysis. The aforementioned tests are typically conducted to evaluate different abilities, which are to some degree related to match play performance.  


  • The results of the total performance test will lead to a personalised ten-days development program on the current level, position, and objective of the player. 


  • The development program includes a video-analysis and guidance during the program. 


  • At the end of the development program, we finish with another total performance test to see the overall development of the player. This kind of information is highly valuable when programming for another individual development plan and exercise intensity, monitoring training, competitive load, and for the management of injured players.

Football School Rotterdam

02. How

Categorising Players

We categorise each player on age and current level to provide individual training of small group sessions with a maximum of six players.

03. Training Schedule

Opening Hours


09:00 - 13:00



14.00 - 15.30


Other days on request.



Feyenoord Academy

Sportcomplex Varkenoord

Olympiaweg 74-76, 3078 HT Rotterdam