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  • PT Room

  • Football Physical Coach

  • Rotterdam

PT Room is specialized in personal physical training and development. The coaches of PT Room are arguably the most qualified and experienced physical coaches with a focus on strength, agility, and speed.


Presently many coaches are reluctant to use weights in their fitness training for fear of the players losing flexibility. The coaches of PT Room consider that there is only one way in which to gain strength and that is by progressive resistance activities which almost invariably take the form of weight training.


When training under the supervision of the PT Room coaches fears of the players becoming muscle-bound is completely without foundation. Training with PT Room is of great value to the players. It can help injured players, recover quickly and athletes to maintain a high level of fitness.


It is only with weights that the overload principle may be applied to the soccer player’s development of power. Power is defined as strength plus speed. The speed of movement, in every aspect (not just running), is of vital importance in soccer. To perform a skill with quickness and strength is a great advantage to the athlete.

  • PhysioLab

  • Football Physiological and Cognitive Coach

  • Amsterdam

A Dutch group of football physiological and cognitive coaches and former professional players, who played at a high level in The Netherlands. With broad experience of training pro players in Europe, they are arguably the best coaches who focus on physical, performance, cognitive, rehabilitation, lifestyle and nutrition. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and methods, makes PhysioLab one of the best physiological and cognitive coaches of The Netherlands.