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Nineteen years old Asian football player to The Netherlands

TIFA - March 11, 2019 - 0 comments

February 2019, Sina Emami from Tehran came to The Netherlands for the TIFA football testing program. Sina is 19 years old who currently does not play for any club in Iran, yet has the ambition to become the best player in Asia and play for F.C. Barcelona one day.


The goal of this program is to evaluate the improvement and current level of the player in order to decide whether he needs a development program or whether the level is sufficient to go on immediate try-outs at a European club.

Iranian Footballer Embraced the Challenge

The week for Sina started with a Total Performance Test (TPT) at the PhysioLab in Amsterdam. Here, Sina tested his physiological, physical and cognitive football abilities both on and off the field. It is a complete test that provides the player with a good overview of their current level. Although it was a difficult test for Sina, he did his utter best to perform all exercises as good as possible.

After a day rest, the program continued with a football Technical and Tactical Test (TTT) on the field. This test exists out of one-on-ones, first touch, overall passing technique, finishing, crossing, and other aspects of the football game to gain a complete overview of the players’ technical and tactical abilities. Once again, Sina understands that there is a big level difference between Iranian football and Dutch football. Mainly, it was the strong mentality of this youngster that kept him going.

The days past and so did the training sessions which varied from individual and group sessions. During the football group sessions, Sina joined Dutch football players who currently play at the academy level in The Netherlands. This was a good way for Sina to understand his level in comparison to top Dutch football players.


At the end of the test, we evaluated the program and came to the conclusion that Sina will join us soon for a three months TIFA Development Program in The Netherlands.

Sina Emami

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