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Iranian Football Player in The Netherlands for a Two Months Development Program

TIFA - December 11, 2019 - 0 comments

TIFA would like to welcome Iranian football player, Nima Heydarian, to The Netherlands. Nima will be with TIFA the upcoming months for a rigorous development program in The Netherlands.


On day 1 of the TIFA Development Program, we start with a physical examination existing out of a Functional Movement screening, core screening, and finally, we continue on the field with strength and conditioning that are provided and performed by PhysioLab in Amsterdam.


After a physical examination, the professionals of PhysioLab did a screening for risk of injury and/or a dysfunctional or performance-limiting movement pattern. Followed by a strength and conditioning training. Nima is ready for day two of the TIFA development program.


On day 2 of the football development program, we start with a full technical test to understand the current level of our player, followed by some basic technical drills. Although it was hard for the young Iranian football player, he did his best to perform at his very best.


Next, on day 3 of the TIFA Development Program, we continue with a strength and conditioning program based on the test we took from Nima. After day 1 the professionals identified the asymmetries which result in functional movement deficiencies. On day 3 the professionals of PT Room in Rotterdam put Nima in extreme positions where weaknesses and imbalances become noticeable if appropriate mobility is not utilized. His program is now full of corrective and improvement exercises.


After one month Nima continues his development program as he trains with a professional player. In this phase of the development program, we want Nima to train with pro and academy players to understand the difference in level. In addition, the ambitious Iranian football player trained with the first team of a club in Amsterdam to experience the level here in Holland. He was amazed by the level the team had to offer and learned a lot.


In the past two months Nima learned that people see their favorite footballer only when they’re in action on the pitch, they display efforts of super speed and agility, showcasing their skills with a beautiful cross here and an unstoppable bicycle kick there.


But it is in the gym where footballers develop their skills. Nima spends a lot of time training with professional trainers with a focus on strength, flexibility, and speed that makes for a stadium-worthy performance.


With the returning of Nima, the TIFA Development Program is coming to an end. In the past two months, Nima learned that the program is always a work in progress which means the training cycle is never complete, leading to decision-making and training for the future even after his return as the Development Program covers a period of lifestyle and training.


We are very proud of being a key force in Nima’s development in the last two months. TIFA reminds Nima of the fact that until his return to The Netherlands. He will not stop when he is tired but when the training is done.

Football Testing Program

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